Inside you can buy your favorite collectible digital artwork as NFT without using cryptocurrency! Discover our collections and join our community.

1. Choose one or more
artwork from our NFTs collections.

2. Click buy and pay securely,
in Euros, with your credit card.

3. Go to your profile page
and discover right away the NFT you just purchased.


The reliability of transactions, the attention to the regulatory framework and the synergies with high-quality technology and business partners allow us to offer an increasingly secure and reliable experience to all the fans .



  • All collectible digital artworks are minted as NFTs on Polygon's Blockchain to guarantee the property rights and unique benefits purchased.

  • Polygon is a blockchain that provides scalable, secure, and instant transactions like and better than Ethereum.

  • Once the collection sales are closed, you can redeem your collectible purchases as NFT by simply sending them to your personal wallet.